Stiff Neck Remedies

Stiff Neck Remedies

Stiff Neck Remedies
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Stiff neck remedies, are you in search of some remedies to give you relief as a stiff neck can interfere with your daily activities stopping you from moving freely. In this article, we will review the basics of some treatments you can use to ease your discomfort.

At some point in our lives many of us may experience a stiff neck. This condition could be chronic and last for weeks or acute with a sudden onset and usually due to a known injury.

Typically, a stiff neck is not a serious medical condition as it is commonly caused by things such as bad posture or an improper sleeping position.  However, it is always best to know when to contact your doctor.

Stiff Neck Remedies When To Call a Health Care Provider

If you start to experience the following symptoms, call your professional health care provider right away:

  • If you’ve had an accident or injury that resulted in neck pain
  • If you have a tingling sensation, numbness and weakness of the arms and hands
  • If the neck pain has not subsided with the prescribed pain medications
  • If there is stiffness in your extremities that makes it hard for you to move your arms and upper body.
  • If you have fever and neck stiffness, difficulty swallowing and difficulty breathing

When you experience stiff neck, it is always best for you to be checked by your doctor. Stiff neck pain has a number of causes which may not need medical treatment but visiting a doctor is the right thing to do to make sure that yours is not a severe condition. 

Perhaps one of the first relief measures most people try is over-the-counter medications like analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. This will help to relief pain and reduce the inflammation or swelling.

Massaging for Stiff Neck

Massage has been known to be a very effective, soothing and relatively inexpensive stiff neck remedies. Try massaging your neck by yourself or see a masseuse. Massaging your neck and shoulders helps in alleviating neck pain and headaches.

To give yourself a massage, use your fingertips to massage the sides of the spine and the back of your neck. Also run your fingers on the sternocleidomastoid muscles located at the back of the ear and collarbone. Just simply grasp the muscle and press it.

We know that a common cause of a stiff neck is too much work and stress, therefore, try to take some time off to rest and relax. Resting will help in reducing the symptoms. After two or three days, you should be able to resume your normal activities. If you can’t take a break, limit your activities so your body will not be overworked and exhausted, causing increased tension to the muscles.

If you’ve had a minor injury and feel sore and stiff, try some gentle exercises to prevent additional stiffness and to speed up the recovery of your neck muscles.

Simple Stiff Neck Remedies

These are just a few simple stiff neck remedies, you may want to try. Hopefully, you can soon relieve that neck stiffness and return to enjoying your life and your work, feeling healthy and relaxed again.