Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain relief is sought by many Americans because this type of pain is a very common condition. Thousands of health care dollars are spent each year by people searching for pain relief.  To stop wasteful spending for things that just don’t work, first look to the source of your neck pain. Take some time to find out just what is causing it.

Common causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain is frequently due to poor posture, such as sitting in the wrong position or spending long periods of time in the same position. Typically, neck pain has a postural basis.

So, what is considered to be good posture? A proper posture is achieved by sitting straight in a chair with feet flat on the floor and shoulders relaxed. Pay attention to your posture while driving your car or when you are just reading a book in bed.

There are other factors to consider that can cause this pain in your neck, such as depression, activities, strain and whiplash. Mechanical factors should also be considered and are often linked to doing repetitive physical work. Also, degenerative changes in the bone or joints may be a cause, especially after a neck injury.

For some, looking for a neck pain relief is difficult since what works for one might not work for another. Actually, achieving the relief that you want is somewhat affected by factors like having a poor psychological health and too much worrying. To achieve the best relief is to be optimistic and look for a coping style that will help you get a better prognosis.

Methods of Neck Pain Relief

If you are suffering from neck pain, taking prescribed medication is certainly one of your options. However, there are various home remedies you could try.

Placing an ice pack on the area of your neck pain is one option. Look for a comfortable position and place an ice pack on the neck for no more than ten minutes. Keep the ice pack on for ten minutes, remove it for ten minutes, and repeat this as often as you can for the next 48 to 72 hours. As the ice reduces the swelling, you should feel your pain start to lessen.

Another option with ice treatment for your neck pain is doing an ice massage for ten minutes at a time. Always be careful when applying ice to your skin as you can easily get frostbite.

Avoid taking hot showers or drinking hot beverages for the first 48 hours since the heat can increase the swelling. If you have observed after 48 hours that any swelling is gone, place alternately heat and cold packs over your neck pain.

For acute neck pain, doctors would also prescribe an analgesic drug to alleviate neck pain and anti-inflammatory drugs to help reduce inflammation.

It is also advised that you should resume all your activities after the swelling is gone as the activity helps to eliminate the symptoms of neck strain like muscle stiffness.

If you have chronic neck pain, some of these same relief measures may work for you. But here are a few additional things you may want to consider…

Doing neck stretching exercises may help to increase the strength and flexibility of your neck muscles. If you are frequently performing activities such as hours of computer work, get an ergonomic work place evaluation to help you find the best position to prevent undue strain and protect your neck.

Stress plays a huge role in the development of chronic neck pain. If you are under pressure, take routine breaks and learn to relax.

If you are a smoker, now is the time to quit. Smoking restricts the blood supply and any healing is delayed.

Choices of Neck Pain Relief

So, as you can see, your choices of neck pain relief measures really depend on the cause of your neck pain. Once you have ruled out causes that require medical treatment such as surgery, you may be able to control the pain you suffer with things as simple as changing your posture, adjusting your work station and home remedies.