Neck Massage For Muscle Tension

neck massageNeck massage is one of the best ways to get some neck pain relief. When you are in a lot of stress from your work or home life, one of the first places to suffer is your neck and shoulders.

Stress can cause unnatural muscle tension and tightening. This can result in excruciating neck muscle pain. Your neck becomes stiff and the pain radiates to the shoulders and back. It is so important that you start treating neck pain at the onset. If you let it continue, you will just get worse.

One of the first things and one of the easiest things you can do is some stretching and neck massage.  These can help a lot by relaxing and soothing the muscles and relieving pain at a faster pace. Always find time to do neck stretches at work or at home.

Treating neck muscle tension and pain with massage may require the help of health care professionals and massage therapists. Massage has long been used as an effective treatment method in relieving neck and shoulder pain and stiffness.

Getting a neck massage is as easy as heading over to your local shopping mall. Here you will often see a center kiosk equipped with massage chairs and masseurs. What a great way to relax during your lunch hour.

Methods for Neck Massage

Side Stroking

With the massage technique of side stroking, you are in a face-down position. The massage therapist will then use both of his hands to stroke on one side of the base of your neck. As the therapist moves toward the side of the neck, they will make stroking movements from the shoulders to the neck and the base of the skull.

The strokes are smooth and you should not feel when one stroke finished and the other starts. To achieve this, the massage therapists would usually lift their first hand and put it back to the shoulder, doing continuous strokes to the neck.

Pressure Technique

The pressure technique can be done by you. Before starting the neck massage, be sure that you use pressure techniques on the base of the shoulder. Move your hands down to the base of the neck by making small, circular and firm pressures on both sides using your middle finger.

Repeat this technique slowly, pressing into the hollow of the spine or on the side of the base of the skull. After which, return to the base and continue doing the slow firm pressures to stimulate the blood flow, relaxing your muscle tension.

Side Stretch

The side stretch can be done with a partner. Your partner must first cup her hand on your shoulders, and the other hand on the base of the skull. Let them slowly push your shoulder down while keeping your head in a neutral position. This method creates the best effect on the muscles in the neck. Do these stretches repeatedly to relax the muscle tension.

When you do a side stretch of the neck, make slow moves and avoid doing it too hard or quick. Pulling too roughly could cause more pain in the neck.

Neck Massage Therapy

If you think that massage therapy is what you need for your neck pain, look for a licensed massage therapy service. There you will find trained and licensed massage therapists very happy to massage your neck pain away.

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