Causes of Neck Pain In Women

Neck pain in women is a common condition seen more frequently than in men. Here we are going to look more closely at why and discuss the specific neck pain causes seen in women.

neck pain in women

While there is no one specific reason why more women suffer from neck pain than men, there are some theories why.

  Why Neck Pain in Women Cause more Suffering than in Men

Genetic factors may play a major role in neck pain in women. These factors consist of the genetics of structural degeneration in the neck and the inherited tendency for psychological distress that will require different coping mechanisms with neck pain.

Women are said to report more neck pain syndrome and other neck related tension and headaches. Not only that, women also complain more often of dizziness, motion sickness and vertigo, which may also be related to the neck.


When you are stressed out, the blood circulation around the neck and shoulder muscles are reduced, and this could result in muscle tension and stiffness.

Based on research, women develop more neck pain problems since they typically perform high muscle activities during break times and yet not while they actually work. With this, there is sustained muscle activity which could be a factor in developing neck pain.

Another theory that researchers consider as to why a higher incidence of women suffer from neck pain is that women do jobs with more workload that involves more sedentary operations, such as secretaries, and repetitive tasks. There is also additional stress from other responsibilities at home like housekeeping and taking care of the children.

Hormonal Reasons for Neck Pain in Women

The typical female hormones like estrogen and along with the male hormone testosterone affect the central nervous system, a system that is responsible in distinguishing and transmitting pain. Hormone levels are higher in women and this can be a reason why neck pain strikes women.

Physical differences

The differences in the physical structure of the neck of both men and women greatly matters. Men and women are different. The way a woman is designed may make a difference in how pressure affects the joints, muscles and bones in her neck.

Another study has shown that women are more prone to a whiplash type of neck injury than a man. This may be due to the nature of her activities. Unfortunately, it takes a woman longer to recover from this type of injury.

Studies have also shown that the spinal cord in women is narrower than that in men. There is also less cushioning in the neck.  These two anatomical differences may make a woman more prone to neck injuries.

Whatever the reason as to why neck pain in women is more prevalent, it is important for a woman to consider the fact that she is more apt to suffer neck pain. It is best to take a pro-active approach and make some changes to prevent neck pain.

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