Brain Tumor Symptoms and Neck Pain

Brain tumor symptoms Brain tumor symptoms that include neck pain and headaches are very difficult to recognize since a variety of symptoms can occur. These symptoms are a result of the tumor causing damage to the clusters of nerves to different parts of the body.

   Primary and Secondary Brain Tumors

Tumors that begin to grow in the brain tissues are called as primary tumors. Primary tumors are named based on the type of cell or the part of the brain where they grow. Recommended Reading Click Here

When the cancer spreads from the original area to other parts of the body, these new tumors with the same kind of abnormal cells grow. When cancer cells spread to the brain from any other organ parts, it is called a secondary or metastatic tumor.

Causes of Brain Tumors

Brain tumors have no defined cause. Doctors cannot explain why one person develops a brain tumor while others don’t. It is clear that brain tumors are not transmittable, meaning no one can catch this disease from another person.

According to research, there are certain risk factors that can most likely cause the growth of a brain tumor. A risk factor increases the chance of a person from developing a disease.

The following are risk factors that are linked with the development of brain tumors:

  • In general, brain tumors are more common in males than in females.
  • Brain tumors also occur often with white people as compared to other races.
  • Most brain tumors are also common to people who are 70 years and older. But, brain tumors are also the second most common kind of cancer in children, especially children younger than 8 years old.
  • Family history is the most influential factor. People having a family history of a type of brain tumor called ‘gliomas’ are likely to develop brain tumors.

Brain Tumor Symptoms of Neck Pain

As the tumor grows, the brain tumor places pressure on the central nervous system, thus neck pain can happen at times. But the most common sign for a brain tumor is headache.

When it comes to brain tumor, diagnosing this disease based on the symptoms is difficult. Anyone can experience headache and there are people who have recurring headaches or migraines. Headaches caused by brain tumors usually have other symptoms like vomiting, confusion and double vision. More Recommended Reading Click Here.

How is Brain Tumor Symptoms are Diagnosed?

  • A physical exam is the first thing that a doctor does to check for any signs of disease.
  • Neurologic exams are also performed to assess for alertness, coordination, reflexes, muscle strength and response to pain. The doctor checksthe eyes for any swelling caused by too much pressure on the nerves of the eyes caused by tumor growth.
  • CT scan is an x-ray machine that takes detailed images of a specific area. A dye is injected to the patient so that the brain will show up clearly. This will identify if there are any tumors in the brain.

If you think you are experiencing these brain tumor symptoms, you need to see your doctor immediately. The earlier you can start treatment, the better your prognosis may be.

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